Give educational opportunities to students who deserve them, too.

CORE Educational Services

We create strategic partnerships with non-profits, for-profit organizations, schools, and government agencies to broaden educational opportunities for youth during out-of-school time.
What We Do


CORE provides low-income, underserved students, primarily of Latino descent and eligible for free or reduced lunch, with academic enrichment, college and career preparedness programs, outdoor education, adventure retreats, art and music courses, physical fitness and leadership training before and after school and on weekends.
College Preparedness, College CORE ProgramCOLLEGE CORE
Students are given mentors & opportunities that equip them with the knowledge they need to graduate high school and stay in college. Read more »
Snorkeling Outdoor Education, GOALS ProgramGOALS
A recognized leading model in experiential education, GOALS teaches essential life skills through outdoor adventure activities. Read more »
Hunger Prevention ProgramHUNGER PREVENTION
The project develops teen leaders engaged in alleviating hunger in their communities with a 10-week leadership development series. Read more »
Preparing Achievers For Tomorrow, Women in STEMPREPARING ACHIEVERS FOR TOMORROW
The project cultivates life skills such as confidence, self-reliance, resourceful- ness & creativity. Read more »
Music Production Program, CORE Educational ServicesMUSIC PRODUCTION PROGRAM
The Music Production Academy is designed for students to enhance imagination and innovation through music production. Read more »